TYPOS - Bilson

Bilson is a true Rio's artist and he is the mand behind Emanoel Enxaqueca's design for his trucks in the TYPOS' series. We, curious as we are, asked him a few questions about pixação and all that stuff. Check it:

ladies and gentlemen: Bilson!

What are the common points between skateboarding and urban typhographies?

Both, skaters and artists have an unusual eye for urban architecture. They walk the streets observing everything, planning on how to execute their action. I think that both universes are pretty similar.

How is Rio’s scene? What does make it different than other places?

Rio’s scene is incredibly strong! All the neighbors are packed with pixo. There are a lot of groups, reunions, contests, parties, everything connected with pixo. North Side and Downtown are the places where you can find most pixadores. I believe that the urban art in Rio gets a little bit of the day-by-day of the citizen, it is related with violence, different classes… Every carioca is a little stressed with the city problems and they put everything in their art.

Do you think that urban arts are more accepted today or is it still very raw?

Art is more accepted today in Rio. Its common when you walk the streets to see, and its also present in the media. Some art’s events happened and the regular citizen are now liking and pushing urban arts!

Do you have problems with authorities?

I mean, I had some issues with cops, as we all graffiti arts did. Some tickets but nothing too violent! Some cops nowadays tell stories saying that they were pixadores too, ask for our instagram and shit!

What is the concept behind Enxa’s trucks?

Back in the days, pixadores used a form of calligraphy similar with handwriting, a little more distorted and with some details. Some groups even had a notebook of full calligraphies, creating identities to themselves.

For these trucks, I researched some of the great Rio’s artists in Pixo, I studied some formats and styles. I’ve tried to give a look that reminded the G80 crew, that were famous in Rio in the 80s.

Were there Enxa’s particularities that you put in the graphic?

Yeah, sure. I am an old friend of Enxaqueca’s and he has a strong personality. His tricks were always fast and well done, with a lot of base and proper style. I tried to give all this strength and power to the art, combining with carioca’s gangsta way!


TEXTS BY Crail Trucks

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