TYPOS - Santonay

The night is cold, but the coffee is hot. Santonay a.k.a. Pedro Berengani is getting his stuff for another night in the jungle. We sat down with him before the action to talk about Crail TYPOS and his thoughts about street typographies and skateboarding. Check it:

Where are skateboarding and urban typographies related?

I believe that, just like skateboarding, the streets typos are a way to rethink the public spaces. The free will of a skater, by choosing a particular trick on a specific place is the same (or, at least, it should be) as a street writer. I mean, when Cotinz did a fifty body varial on a hubba and an artist did his work on the wall following its archicture, they did the same, the rethought the space at their own way.

Your work is pretty agressive by using fire extinguishers and doing it at nighttime. Do you see this related to skateboarding?

Fuck yes, skateboarding and street lettering always walked hand in hand and this “marginal” aspect of them always followed too. If you think well, skateboarding is ghetto since it started, by being the b-side of surfing! (haha)

In art, the “beauty” aesthetics changed a lot through the years and it reflects on the human nature by the non-conformism and rebel side of it. We can look at it like skateboarding for artists and not the opposite.

So, society is accepting these two movements now or are they still pretty outsiders?

Street arts has grown tremendously in the last few years. The media, the marketing are using it too, big companies… And skateboarding is being used by them too, because of the youth appeal. It’s cool. Kinda. I mean, how much is skateboarding really gaining with that? Or the graffiti artists?
But we can’t deny that it is impossible to ignore us.

Yeah, you are right. But let’s talk product. What is the concept behind Cris Mateus’ artwork?

You guys wanted related to gothic lettering, a more traditional and old school style, just like Cris’ skateboarding! I put some hand lettering on it and we all liked it!

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TEXTS BY Crail Trucks e Pedro Berengani

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