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Daniel Marques Interview - Pro Model

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If you follow us on our social medias, you have already seen Daniel Marques new pro model of Crail Trucks. We sat dawn to talk to him about it and all the features on the product. Check the interview below:

The press release has already said about the concept behind your trucks, but tell us how this idea came up.

Well, those symbols did not only represent triality or flower of life. They can be or they can’t. They can be many things, feel free to give them a meaning.

The story behind it is when me and Fabio Cristiano went to Kiev and we met a tattoo artist who drew this symbol in my griptape. I really dig it and started to repeat the symbol more often. When Crail ask for a design for my trucks, I immediately thought about the three form symbol she did for me.

This could be something stuck in our cell memory. For me, the symbol has lots of meanings: the two eyes with the mind’s eye with them; could be a spaceship; duality plus the third element and goes.

How does the symbol impact in your personal life?

It has a lot to do with this world we live it now, the body we use, the 3d. Almost everything is made of opposite (duality) and the symbol in my trucks is the way we look at these two extreme worlds, always searching for balance, a middle term between these opposites.

Tell us about the colors you put on the trucks.

Silver is the main color of skateboarding trucks, it fits perfectly with any skate, its simple. I sat dawn to draw the trucks with Igor (Giroto), Crail’s designer, and the symbol would be awesome on the silver trucks.
The colored one is green and graffiti, both colors I really like and see and use a lot in my life. The trucks are amazing.

What do you expect of those who will skate your trucks?

I hope they can be very useful. I really hope that the person can skate good with them, turn well and that the trucks have a very good lasting life.

And what about the name on top of the design, what do you think about it?

I loved it! It’s really cool! The most important thing on the trucks is the three element symbol. It’s an unique place to put my name on it, I think I’ve never seen any other trucks with it. You skate it, grind it and my name is gone. Awesome!

Photos by Renato Custódio

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