One idea leads to another. One accomplishment produces yet another and the gears keep turning! This is everyday life for Crail Trucks. Creativity is in our DNA, blended with a lot of technique, innovation, and the quality technology to keep you satisfied with your skateboard.

We begin our trajectory in the economic chaos of 1990, and on the right path, we have come a long way. Today, more than two decades later, we still seek the beauty of shapes and movements, freedom, enjoyment, friendship, and especially determination and commitment!

Our cause is simple: to use skateboarding as a form of expression and an agent to transform the world. Those who know the Crail trucks spirit know that, more than a conscientious company, we are activists in favor of skateboarding and all that it represents for society and skaters everywhere. In our mission, skateboarding is number one!


From the beginning of our story, each truck was developed with the best technology, so that skaters could ride the streets of Brazil.

Nothing held back our company's growth and
development. We did it with dedicated effort
and hard work!


With deep respect for the roots of skateboarding, we constantly innovate and transform, creating products that exceed expectations, destroy barriers, and break paradigms. As our founder, Sergio Belinetti would say: a good product makes skateboarding develop!

With each generation, our trucks were designed with technical precision and absolute quality control. The trucks are durable and light-weight with exact geometry for even more perfect curves. All our products are tested by the
skateboarding pros.


Our team is full of talented people, always
seeking the best ideas and solutions.

Additionally, we train talented youth for corporate life with a more humane, less capitalist vision.


Crail is a big laboratory, where we can create, make mistakes, build, praise, and even go so far as to achieve something that makes a difference in the world.

Among the values that guide us are gratitude, recognition, emotional and social well-being, justice, effort, dedication, friendship, and love. All are linked to building a better world with more freedom and joy!

All this really motivates us!

We create our own path with all the sweat, labor, and dedication we give. Being responsible for creating the best trucks is a joy that strengthens us day after day.

Keep riding those TRUCKS!