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TYPOS - Bilson
Fabio Cristiano was in every session of #CRAILTYPOS and he had an unique and awesome view of the making of the series. Today, we bring to you some of his words about TYPOS:

In your life, is there any relation between skateboarding and urban typographies?

The only related thing I see is the Crail collab in TYPOS. In my particular life, I’ve never did a pixo and never had a friend who did. Oh, ok, my friend Finha (Rafael) is an urban artist. But I’ve never did. Crail did this, they made the first connection between pixo and skateboarding to me.

When does the vandalism appear in skateboarding?

By breaking the rules of the system. They say it is vandalism, but for me is liberation.
Which session of TYPOS has caught you the most?
Oh, the one at Shopping Eldorado. We skated inside and outside of it and a lot of security guards were following us. We wouldn’t skate like that if we didn’t had a purpose, that was the coolest thing about TYPOS.
That session on the subway was killer too, because the securities were waiting for us every station we headed to. We were a vandalistic and also freedom skate group.

Do you think that vandalism was always hand in hand with skateboarding?

Yeah, always! Society always saw us as vandals. People see us skating and getting hurt and they think that is a menace to the society. Skateboarding also destroys the spots and people see that as vandalism too.

Also, when you speak your mind out, nowadays is a form of vandalism too.

But skateboarding is going through a new phase, right? Is it more acceptable nowadays?

People see skateboarding like a sport now. The society accepts everything that the television is saying that is cool. So skateboarding now is cool, but if the TV says we are menace, so we are. It’s a brainwashed-by-TV society we live in, so if we are in this platform, we are cool and good for everybody.

FC TYPOS ad Photo: André Calvão

TYPOS by Rolinho Bros

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