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Overview Guilherme Trakinas

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Guilherme Trakinas and his crew, Tropicalients, just released a full lenght video, supported by Crail. Today, in this Overview, you will see videos that were important to Trakinas' career until his last part, called "Liberdade de Expressão" (Freedom of Speech)

From trips to the US to hard times in Brazil, he managed to record a lot of stuff and put videos on air. Check some videos with Trakinas' words:

No Ar (CemporcentoSkate)
"This was a great opportunity to explain how i skated the rail that was a cover for CemporcentoSKATE Mag."

Entrevista para Olho de Peixe
"I did this video with the Gema bros, Diego and Diogo Ramos, to explain some of my beggining in the skateboarding and how Tropicalients started."

Mysquare 2010
"Again, I did with Diego Ramos. A couple of days of dedication in a awkward and non-skatable square in Brasil. So fun to remember and to be a part of these days."

Ortiz e Trak BEATS
"I did this part with Filipe. We put a lot of hard work and dedication, and manage to put some of our true skating"

Tropicalients Liberdade de Expressão
"Liberdade de expressão! A lot of respect with Tropicalients' family! We did a full lenght and it got succesfull. So good to be a part of this family, skateboarding at its finest. Brazilian power!"

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