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Overview João Miguel Bravim

TYPOS - Rolinho Bros
João Miguel is known by his technical and fast skating. He is a humble dude that is able to film a lot of stuff in short time. In his career as an amateur, he has done a few video parts until his last one in Uni.Versus, Agacê Skateboards' full lenght.

We sat down with him to talk about the videos and he commented about some of them. Check it out:

A Day In the Life - Olho de Peixe

I was recovering my foot, I stopped skating for almost an year. I skated a bit with Zezeh and someday he asked me to film and we did the Day in the Life. I was lucky to have my friends in it and all the sessions in the video were so fun! We hit some spots, took a rest and at night we skated the Praça 7, as usual!

Webparte with Johnny Cash

I was filming a lot with Henner "Nono" Figueiredo at the time, we were always skating together and alwas when we had the opportunity we've tried to film some stuff. We traveled too but it was all in the meantime I was filming for Original Expresso, so I was surprised when this came out!

Original Expresso J. Miguel

I will always remeber these days. I have such a good feeling by doing something with my friends, a thing that we did by heart, not asking anything back, always laughing and skating as we always wanted. It was a good experience for everybody that was envolved.

Olho de Peixe - G7 Crew

This happened all of sudden. The dudes were anxious for this to happen, but it came out of nowhere. I went to the Plaza and everybody were already there filming so I just recorded a few mines for this one.

12 Tricks - J. Miguel

I really don't remember but I was skating a lot the Nova Zoo Skatepark at the time. I did everything in one afternoon. Hyped the way it came out!

Agacê Skateboards - Uni.Versus

Filming for Uni.Versus was such a good experience, a lot of learning. I remember that in the beggining of the filming for the video I roled my ankle and was really slow recovery, almost an year without stepping on the board. But then I was skating and filming again. It was very satisfying to participate on this project, travel with the boys, we enjoyed a lot, good sessions, great times!

João's part starts at 14:35

TEXTS BY Crail Trucks e João Miguel

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